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Recently Published Issue

Volume IV, Issue XII December 2016

S.N.PhotoAuthorDesignationTitleFrom pageTo page
1Logamurthie Athiemoolam

ProfessorInner Conflicts and Turmoil within the Self in Arthur Nortje’s Poetry
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2M.V.V. Prasada Rao

Director, CBSEWoman And Alienated Self: A Study of Women Characters in Vijay Tendulkar’'s Plays

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3Khalid Hamednalla Albadawi
English Language DepartmentEnhancing EFL learners' listening skill through intensivelistening activities
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4S. FarhadResearch ScholarFrom Oppression To Expression: Evolution Of Black Women Autobiographical Writing In The White Territory
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& Dr.S.K.Pushpalatha
P/T Research ScholarRejection Leads to Revolution of Protagonist inSudhaMurty'’s‘'Gently Falls TheBakula’'

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6Atul Goswami
Assistant Professor (English)Mahesh Dattani’s Characters: Prisoners of their Past
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7Dr. G. Srilatha,
Reader in English,The Voice of Dalit Women in Bama’s Sangati
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8Dr. Manisha Shah

Associate ProfessorCultural Hybridity: A Postcolonial Concept

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9Mr. Parminder Singh
Research ScholarAbsurd and its Lasting Legacy: A Study of the Existential Metamorphosis and The Outsider
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10M. Nirmala Devi & Dr.R.Venkataraman

Professor of EnglishMyth and Ritual on Girish Karnad’s Bali: The Sacrifice
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11Imran Majeed Bhat & Dr Riyaz AliDoris Lissing’s Brief Life Sketch and Her Wanderings - In Relation to Her Themes and Concerns

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12Dr. Smita MishraDamn You Fate: A Sharp Parody of The Indian Government Machinery

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13Monika Dhillon
Research ScholarHumour as a Survival Tactic in Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues and Roberto Benigni’s Life is Beautiful

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14Dr. R K Pati
Reader in EnglishThe New Women in Shobha De'’s Novels

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15Miss Neeta Avtar Khurana
Asst. ProfessorA Gynocritical Reading of Nalini Jameela’s The Autobiography of a Sex Worker and Amen: The Autobiography of a Nun by Sister Jesme

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16Barkha Rathore
Ph.D. Scholar, Barkatullah UniversityFemale Bonding in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters and A Married Woman

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Research Scholar in EnglishPsychodynamics of Narcissism—A Psychological Approach

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18Mr. Manoj Singh RanaGuest Faculty (English)Defer, Deferred, Deferred: A Derridean Study of Differánce in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot
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19Ms. S. Femina
Assistant Professor of EnglishTreatment of Double Marginal Issues in the Select Works of
African American and Dalit Literatures

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Research ScholarEmergence Of New Woman: A Study On Woman Characters In Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters

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21Dr. Hareshwar Roy
Asst. Prof. (English)Cultural Uniqueness of India: A Glimpse
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22Dr. Lakhwinder S. Gill
ProfessorTriangular Love in Girish Karnad’s
Hayavadana, Nagamandala and The Fire and the Rain

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23Dr. Tukaram S. Sawant
Associate ProfessorShashi Deshpande’s Female protagonists: Emerging ‘New’ Women

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24Dr. Poonam Rani
& Naveenta
HOD English Department & M. Phil ScholarDepiction of Poverty and Hunger in Bhabani Bhattacharya’s So Many Hungers and He Who Rides a Tiger
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25Abhik Maiti & Deep NaskarPursuing M.A in EnglishA Critical Evaluation Of The Lawless Utopia Proposed By Golding’s The Lord Of The Flies And The Gta Games.
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26Debasree Lahiri

Assistant ProfessorFemale Breast Cancer: The Social Construction Of
Beauty and Human Rights Violations

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27Prof. Dr. Jagadish S. Patil & Eknath D. PatilPh.D. Research Guide & Ph.D. Research ScholarSocio-Cultural Issues and Subjugation of Women in Shashi Tharoor’s Riot
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28M.V.V. Prasada Rao

DirectorThe Significance of Dalit Autobiography in Marathi Literature: A Study of Narendra Jadhav’s ‘Outcaste: A Memoir’
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29Mr. Cedric Anthony Serpes

Associate ProfessorClick to View 282285
30Min ZhangApplying Associative Method in L2 Vocabulary Teaching

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31*Bhanu Pratap A. ,** Gowtham Devanoor P. ,*** Dr. B.P.Mahesh Chandra Guru ,****Manteswamy A.
Media and Empowerment of Dalits: Ambedkar’s Vision294309
32Arunita Samaddar
M.Phil. Research ScholarHeterotopia and the Myth of the Witch

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33Pooja Shankar &
Dr. Poonam Rani
The portrayal of Social Evils in Kamala Markandaya’s
Nectar in a Sieve and A Handful of Rice
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34Akambi Fatiou RAÏMI.

Senior lecturerAfrican-Like Politics: A Comparative Study of Gabriel Okara’s The Voice And Chinua Achebe’s A Man Of The People

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35Ms. Monika Gautam

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36Seema Ketkar
Associate Professor
Moving Beyond Small Credits: Saga of Women Empowerment
An Account of Livelihood Struggle And The Role Of Women From Kasu And Adjoining Villages In The Pen Tehsil Of Maharashtra

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37G.Lova Krishna & K.V.N.K.Murthy , K. Dasaradhi5 Ways To Improve English Communication Skills
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38Geraldine Sinyuy(Ph.D. Researcher)
Department of Englsih
Cultural Translocation in Three Novels of V. S. Naipaul
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39Dr. Meenakshi Gupta

Assistant Professor
The Nation's Biggest Problem Seen Through a Writer’s Eye
{In special reference to R.K. Narayan}

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40Smt. S. Hemalataha

Assistant DirectorVygotsky’s Socio Cultural Theory: A Study
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41Dr. T. Deivasigamani
Assistant Professor of EnglishStatus of Indian Music in Amit Chaudhuri's The Immortals

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42 Dr. Monali Bhattacharya

Associate ProfessorStrategic and Socio-Linguistic Need of India: Second Language Acquisition of English through Text, Television & Cinema

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43Dr. Vibha LaxmiA Study of Preferential Purposes of Using Internet By Undergraduates

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44Shivani Thakur

Ph.D. Research ScholarTehmina Durrani and the Politics of Literary Controversy

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45Rajni Saini

M.Phil Student, Department Of EnglishOm Prakash Valmiki’s Joothan: Portrayal of a Dalit’s Life Traumatic Experiences

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46Miss Naadiya Yaqoob Mir
Research Scholar
Reclaiming Female Identity: A Psychological Study of Martha Quest and The Golden Notebook

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47Arijit Mukherjee19th century Bengal Student Movement

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48Ashutosh Khanna
Iqbals Theory of Beauty And Art
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49B. Paramesh Naik
& Dr. G. Chenna Reddy

Research Scholar & Assistant ProfessorPros and Cons in Computer Aided Teaching Click to View 461471
50Kommuru. Dasaradhi , D.Pavana Kumari, Ch. Sri Raja RajeswariTEACHING ENGLISH IN RURAL SCHOOLS - A CHALLENGING TASK
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