Feminism, a Pet Theme in the Works of Shashi Desh Pande – A Study

  • V. Siva Prasad Reader, Department of English, Government College for Men (A), Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India


On par with Western novelists, Indian women writers have made a bench mark in creating an island of their own in voicing their views and perceptions about the pathetic plight of women in India. Ofcourse, Shshi Desh Pande is not exceptional because, in all her works feminism surfaces as a dominating theme one way or the other. The present paper mirrors her reflections for assertion of identity and crave for emancipation of women from the shackles of traditions and customs. So to say, in her novel, Roots and Shadows, the writer highlits the agony and suffering of the protagonist, Indu in male-dominated society. In The Dark Holds No Terrors, she touches upon male egoism and inferiority complex resulting in sexual sadism, as well the harrowing experience of Saru, the protagonist. In her magnumopus, That Long Silence, she speaks eloquently about the crisis in a middle class family leading to mental aberration of the protagonist, Jaya. In The Binding Vine, she discusses the man’s lust and helplessness of woman in tradition bound societal order. On the other hand, in A Matter of Time, the writer liberates herself from the narrow confines of woman and her problems and focusses on the story of three women from three generations, ultimately producing a feel of metaphysical undertones in her narration. In other novels, sequel to earlier she articulates female-bonding and man-woman relationship in an animated style. On the whole, the paper evaluates the themes in the novels of Shashi Desh Pande laying much emphasis on her feminist perception. 

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