Speaking From the Margins: Making Presence Felt

  • Ms. Chandni Chhattani Research Scholar Banasthali University India


This article focuses on the marginalized woman Maya Angelou with special reference
set in her memoirs named I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing and Gather Together in My Name.
This paper aims to show that how Maya Angelou a prominent Afro – American writer is
marginalized and how despite confronting racism, sexism, classism and gender issues she was
capable of making her presence felt by the world. Her way of living life has become a message
for black women to reconstruct their self and identity. In light of the concept Black feminism
Angelou lesser the burden of other Afro – American women who were cloaked in the burden of
slavery. She felt her presence strong and established her relations with others during difficulties.
Angelou’s works reveal the horror of colour discrimination and marginalization which cause
writhe in agony. Thus delivers the message that one should stand for one’s identity and defy the
harassment and torture.

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