An Ecocritical Study of Select Short Stories by Ruskin Bond

  • Aayushee Garg Student of MA in English with Communication Studies Christ University


Ruskin Bond is a prolific writer whose short stories for children are found to have
a deep insight into several aspects of human nature as well as Nature in general. Bond grew
up in Dehradun among trees, birds, and animals. Hence, his short stories and poems abound
in metaphors and imageries borrowed from Nature. Through his writings, Bond observes
and contemplates the symbiotic relationship between man and Nature. Ecocriticism broadly
deals with the interdisciplinary analysis of literature and the environment where there is an
attempt to enquire into environmental concerns and ecological issues as represented in the
text. It also probes into the manner in which the subject of Nature is engaged with in the
text. This paper is an attempt to look at the various ways in which an Ecocritical approach to
write about human experiences and surroundings in select stories of Ruskin Bond. This
research is carried out through a close reading of a few short stories. However, the paper
does not intend to look at the psychological aspects of writing that contribute to the author’s

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