Nation and Nationalism in the poetry of Jayanta Mahapatra

  • Neelam . Research Scholar University of Lucknow


The concept of nation and nationalism are considered western. It was during eighteenth and
nineteenth century that ideas of nation and nationalism emerged. Ernest Gellner observes that
nationalism is the product of modernity and industrialization. Partha Chatterjee writes that for
Gellner “Nationalism is not awakening of nations of self-consciousness; it invents nations
where they do not exist”. So for him nationalism is prior to nation. Anderson has considered
nation as “imagined community” in which print media plays a crucial role in making
dispersed people aware of being a part of community. Brennan thinks that “literary act, and
the institution of literary production, are not only a part of the nation-forming process, but are
its realization.”(SRTW 4)

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