Unyielding Love and Undaunted Imagination: An Analysis of Meerabai’s Poetry

  • Meenakshi Thakur Research Scholar, University of Jammu, Jammu, J&K.


Society is a space created by discourse with its own texts and concepts to maintain
an established order and one lives in a space resulting from the intersection of discourses.
Religious practices form a part of the discourse as it is also a medium of entailing powerimposition on the foundations of which a hierarchically ordered society is built. However, for
some there comes a moment when this world becomes extremely inadequate, their priorities
get reshuffled and they reach a point existing outside the confines of religion, discourse and
the society governed by them. Religious norms and practices hold no meaning for a devotee
and love becomes her only religion. This paper discusses the life and poetry of one such
devotee popularly known as Meerabai who through her unflinching faith and ardent devotion
made love for Krishna, her heavenly consort, the only pathway as well as the goal of her life.
Keywords: Devotion, Love, Longing, Heavenly Consort.

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