Women Characters in Vijay Tendulkar’s Play Sakharam Binder

  • Mrs. Sumitra Extension lecturer in English Rajiv Gandhi Govt. College for Women, Bhiwani


Vijay Tendulkar one of the major Marathi playwright who have been in vanguard
Of Marathi theatre for almost fifty years. He began his career in mid-fifties and has written
twenty eight full length plays, twenty four one act plays and eleven children’s dramas. He is
among the group of new theatre enthusiasts who have developed the Indian English drama on
a national scale. Being a keen observer of human relationships especially in lower middle class
society, he highlights that in pseudo-mortal system of male-dominated society, women have
been victim of male’s hypocrisy,exploitation and violence. In almost all his plays women play
crucial role in the plot. Through the women characters, he raises several question about love,
sex and moral values prevalent in the contemporary society. In the play Sakharam Binder
(1972), he depicts the plight of women characters.
The plot of the play revolves around with two women characters Laxmi and Champa.
The former presents a typical view of Indian woman who throughout being tortured, gets a good
image- loyal, docile, religious, hardworking, self-effacing and tender-hearted in the end of the
play. The later is a rebellion kind of women, does not bear any authority over her, can not free
herself from the torture of man’s instinct and gets death in the end of the play. With the help of
Sakharam, Tendulkar presents the perceptive view of male community towards the female

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