I Am Woman: A Narrative of Assertion against Racial and Gender Prejudices

  • Nomita Sharma Research Scholar, Central University of Jammu, Rahya Suchani, Bagla, Samba, J&K.


Lee Maracle in I Am Woman expressed an intense urge to re-read colonialist
reading of the Natives. It came as a revolt against the white’s attempt to mythicize Natives
and a condemnation of patriarchy. It had evolved as a counter discourse against the politics of
race and gender initiated by the power crazy patriarchy. Maracle disagreed with the
stereotyped assumptions which misrepresented Natives especially Native women and their
writings. She attempted a re-evaluation of the writings of white canonical writers. Through
her text, Maracle showed an urge to set right the fallacies in discourse given by whites about
Natives that had ignored Natives ideology and way of life. In this text, Maracle manifested
the need to focus on the importance of Native women’s writing and brought out the
inadequacies of white’s writings on Natives. Thus, this paper is a plea for dismantling the
racial and gender constructs.

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