CADENCE AND COMPASSION IN “MORNING RAGA.” (A Screenplay by Mahesh Dattani.)

  • Dr.Vanashree Godbole Assoc. Prof. of English. Govt.M.L.B.Girl`s P.G.College Kila Bhavan.IndoreM.P


“Morning Raga” is an Indian film released in 2004; it was also a part of Cario film festival.   Mahesh Dattani, a versatile personality is the director and also screenplay writer of “Morning Raga”. He is a winner of Sahitya Akademi Award in 1998. Dattani deals with the theme of passion for music and deep rooted human emotions in “Morning Raga”. The story of the play is about a carnatic classical music singer Swarnlatha, who is caught in mental trauma. She is apprehended by guilt ridden self. She blames herself for the death of her son and her friend Vaishnavi.Dattani makes ample use of Indian mythology, rituals and tradition and compares it to the western culture resulting in fusion of two cultures. River in the play symbolises the continuity of life despite the tragedies in the lives of three main characters. Flashback and present goes simultaneous in the same scene. Years of suppression of anger, pain and guilt, Music becomes the voice, and helps the protagonist to cope with the realities of life. The protagonist is steady and still, resistant and reluctant to accept the changed scenario. Reconciliation with the past and acceptance of present comes very late in the play and the protagonists reconnects with the people, particularly, Abhinaya, as her own son.

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