• P J GIFTLIN Assistant Professor, Department of English, Nesamony Memorial Christian College, Marthandam


Toni Morrison is a novelist who portrays the freedom of mind and soul which has a quest to
develop good human relations in African American society. Her novels furnish themselves to
critical interpretation because they challenge the cultural norms of class, gender and race.
Morrison's mission as a writer is to awaken her community to massive possibilities of life; she
offers them by recreating past for the benefit of present. Morrison has objectively pictured the
need for change within the black community by juxtaposing Sula who represents the new
evolution and demolition of relationship. The trust of the research is on the characters in Sula
who develops good relationships in spite of their strict society and also the misunderstandings
which cause a crack on their relationship. Sula Peace the central character is a new world black
woman finds choice from choicelessness, responding inventively for change. Sula cosiders Nel
as a good companion for her until Nel finds Jade as her companion. Later their relationship broke
as Sula had a relationship with Jade. The bond between the characters in Sula are seen broken
because of some changes the characters undergo.

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