Irrevocable Redemption in Shashi Deshpande’s The Binding Vine

  • Dr. Swapna M Assistant Professor of English Sri Krishna College of Technology Coimbatore Tamil Nadu


Shashi Deshpande makes attempts to transform the pathetic condition of woman who feels
life to be filled with horrors and aloofness. She has also viciously assaulted the myths which the
Indian men clasp about women. The attitude of man about the status of woman exhibits the
insensitivity of the traditional psyche of male, which suffocates and smothers the individual self
of woman. It is against these traces of established archetypes and myths that Shashi Deshpande
has stabilized her depiction of establishing the facts of Indian womanhood. Her woman feels
secured only through the reconciliation with the man. The ideologies presented in the novels are
neither of success nor of defeat but of peace and understanding between two contrary moral beliefs.
Deshpande invokes insight towards life, which is revealed in the novel The Binding Vine through
the consciousness of Urmila, the protagonist who is called Urmi. It is through her consciousness,
the novelist explores the meaning of love and happiness it withholds in life. The innermost
secluded part of a woman’s heart is unconcealed through the outlook of Urmi.
Keywords: aloofness, archetypes, pathetic, reconciliation, unconcealed

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