Place of English Language Teaching in rural India

  • Y. KISHORE Research scholar Dept of English Vikrama Simhapuri University Kakutur, SPS Nellore. Andhra Pradesh, INDIA


The place of English in school education has been a subject of debate ever since Independence.
When India attained Independence on August 15, 1947, there was a natural reaction against the
study of English. There were certain people who wanted to banish English from the country lock,
stock and barrel. Consequently, the study of English in several states was delayed. Not only that,
the number of periods spent on teaching English at the school stage was drastically curtailed.
Some states even made the study of English optional. English plays an important role in India
today. Judging from certain trends it appears that the influence of English is on the increase
rather than on the decrease in the India. The English newspapers yield great power. The number
of Books published in any other Indian language. English is still used in offices, High courts,
State legislative Assemblies and the parliament. More and more public schools where the study
of English starts right from the first class are being opened. It has become a matter of prestige to
get admission to such institutions.Our constitution envisages that Hindi would replace English
for all official purposes by 1965. But even before this deadline was reached , there were
disturbances on this issue in the south consequently, the Parliament passed in 1963 a Bill
declaring English as the Associate official languages of India till an indefinite period of time.
This is the position till today

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