Tendency of Alienation in the Poetry’s of Kamala Das

  • Prof. Deepak Kumar Department of English H.N.B.G.U. Srinagar, Garhwal (U.K)
  • Ms. Varsha Verma Research Scholar


Alienation can be connected with the loss of essential part of self, and it is a sense
of self-doubt, apprehension and loss of identity. Alienation is certainly the feature of Kamala
Das Poetry. The message of intense torment in the Kamala Das poetry issues from early
childhood. Her works show her alienation thus leading to loneliness which is the repetitive
theme in her poems. She expresses that her life was devoid of emotional bonding from all her
relations. She did not receive the warmth love from her parents nor her husband and also not
from extra marital affairs as well as from the society. The Aim of this research paper is to
study the tendency of alienation in her poetry of Kamala Das.

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