• Dr. Chrissie Gracelyn David Assistant Professor of English Women’s Christian College, Nagercoil


Amidst the green land
Lay a bean shaped little seed.
Beneath the sky,
Beneath the Sun,
He was ready to sprout:
“ Who am I?”
What am I?”
He was curious to know -
And would know it in a day or two.
Near by him stood a splendid Oak and a majestic Elm;
Looking at them he wished
Never to be an Oak or an ElmFor winter withers their leaves,
So horrible to see them bare
Least to be recognised as a living tree.
“I’d be an evergreen tree
And always live in spring
I’ll be more grand and stately
Than any fair tree in the woods.”
The wind blew,
The land was showered,
Spring commenced,
The seed sprouted:
He was neither an Oak nor an Elm -
He found himself a thorny weed
When he woke

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