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IJELLH publishes articles on a broad spectrum of English Language, English Literature and Linguistics. The journal further covers various aspects of the research field and most of these are mentioned hereafter:</p> <p><strong> English Language</strong> – Grammar, Punctuation, Accent, Comparative Study, ELS (English as a second or foreign language), English language teachers training, Language teaching methodologies<strong> </strong>and other related topics.</p> <p><strong> English Literature</strong> – Fiction from Chaucerian Age to Post Colonial Age, Canadian Literature, Indian Literature &amp; many other topics related to Literature till date and related subject areas.</p> <p><strong> Linguistics</strong> – Linguistics is the scientific study of language. There are three aspects to this study: language form, language meaning and language in context. IJELLH publish the following subject areas like Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Language Documentation, Linguistic Theories, Philosophy of Language, Phonetics, Sociolinguistics, Text and Corpus Linguistics, Translating and Interpreting, Writing Systems and related subject areas.</p> <p> </p> Smart Moves en-US SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJELLH 2582-4406 <p></p> An Analysis of The Intriguing Murder Mystery in Stephen King’s The Outsider <p>There is no such thing as a perfect crime. In every case, sooner or later the culprit will be found and he or she shall face the law. Even in a case that can be seen as a perfect crime there will be some piece of information left by the criminal. The solving of the case depends upon the ability of the investigator to find out that hint and put it into investigation. But what happens when the crime is not done by an ordinary human and the police officials have arrested an innocent man? Stephen King’s The Outsider is all about such an inhuman being who has done several crimes especially the Raping and Murdering of innocent children. We can’t even think about a situation when we are blamed or even arrested for another man’s crime. But what happens when one experiences a scenario where the innocent is also guilty? This contradiction is portrayed in The Outsider&nbsp;as it follows the story of a detective whose search for the absolute truth leads him to discover evil in its pure form.</p> <p>Detective Ralph Anderson is all set for arresting Terry Maitland who is an esteemed sports trainer and high school educator for the killing and confrontation of an eleven year old boy, Frank Peterson. All the clues are against Terry Maitland. Ralph Anderson commands to arrest him at a local baseball game in front of his household and the whole horde. But Maitland had a mighty justification, he was in the company of some educators hundreds of miles away and there is video authentication to confirm it. His fingerprints are also there on a book where he claimed to be. How can he be at two places at the same time? However the Intriguing murder mystery is solved at last by the brave efforts of Ralph Anderson and his teammates.</p> Dr. A.J Manju Anas P M Copyright (c) 2022 Sajal Thakur, Dr. Ranjana Das Sarkhel 2022-05-30 2022-05-30 1 9 10.24113/ijellh.v10i5.11305 Manifestation of Pessimism in Toni Morrison’s Select Works: Beloved, The Bluest Eye and Jazz <p>Toni Morrison’s works are elevated voice of Afro-American culture. As Afro-American has been bearing the burden of past history, slavery, race, gender and identity crisis issues in society, Toni Morrison herself forced to speak about them in their works. She herself is the part of historic past events like racism and identity crisis issues and that’s why her mind is more into the pain which they suffered. Toni Morrison is more focused on pessimism to show the reality and harsh truth of society, which reflected through her characters. &nbsp;No doubt Toni Morrison was loud to raise the problematic issues strongly but her appeal to wove her characters is tend to their circumstances, how they tortured and suffered through their whole life and it continues generation to generation. The clear aim of Morrison is to make aware today’s generation about Afro-American society its history about the injustice. So that they can be aware of their rights and able to fight for own.</p> Sajal Thakur Dr. Ranjana Das Sarkhel Copyright (c) 2022 Sajal Thakur, Dr. Ranjana Das Sarkhel 2022-05-30 2022-05-30 10 16 10.24113/ijellh.v10i5.11306 The Theory of Government in Arabic Grammatical Traditions: Chomskyan Generative Grammar Perspective <p>Early Arab grammarians used scientific tools to analyze the sentence structure. Their scholarship is best manifested in the establishment of the <em>Governor theory</em>. It assumed that governors change the parsing signs of the word. Two major types of governors were identified: &nbsp;the expressed and the abstract governors. Governor theory dominated the linguistic thinking not only at that time but it is still at the core of Arabic linguistic discussions nowadays. The purpose of this study is twofold: (a) to give a brief introduction about the theory of governor in Arabic, and (b) to compare the governor theory in Arabic with the theory of government presented in Chomsky’s (1988) Government and Binding theory. The study revealed that Sibawayh (793) laid the foundations of the Governor theory and it matured in the works of the Basrans and the Kufans. The study also showed some agreement between Chomsky’s theory of government and Arabic Governor Theory. Nevertheless, there is a difference in the nature and the types of governors between the two theories.</p> Muhammed Salim Bedoor Sharaf Al Deen Mohammed Masoud Copyright (c) 2022 Muhammed Salim, Bedoor Sharaf Al Deen, Mohammed Masoud 2022-05-30 2022-05-30 17 40 10.24113/ijellh.v10i5.11307 Defamiliarization of the Myth of Meerabai in Kiran Nagarkar’s Cuckold <p>Kiran Nagarkar’s Sahitya Academy Award Winning novel Cuckold is a twisted tale of love and war set in the early 16<sup>th</sup> century during the era of Bhakti movement. It is based on the life of mystic saint Meerabai and her husband Bhoj Raj. Meerabai is considered to be the first woman saint of Bhakti movement in the Indian History and still remembered throughout the world for her utmost devotion towards Lord Krishna. There are several novels and movies based on her life and in most of them she has been celebrated and pedestalized as a saint. Nagarkar’s Cuckold is an exception. A novel dealing with the life of saint Meerabai and her husband with such title makes it out of the ordinary. This paper aims to scrutinize the character of Meerabai in this novel.</p> Supriya Pant Copyright (c) 2022 Supriya Pant 2022-05-28 2022-05-28 41 47 10.24113/ijellh.v10i5.11309 Literary Maxim as a Catalyst in Cultural Edification <p>The role of literature in the formation of culture is an oft repeated and much discussed topic of interest in any civilized world. In spite of that, very seldom we realize the sanctity and validity of this discourse. It is a grim reality that the modern world looks at odds with its cultural concerns and subsequently it alienates itself from the framework of responsibility, which is an utter disregard for a developing culture. Being a preliminary branch of art, literature serves a dual role in the scheme of things for the cultural development. On the other hand, it is an outcome of cultural progression, because the literary treasure of any social group is a part of its culture. On the other hand literature provides all the necessary ingredients for the formation of a culture – complex, that is an aggregate of cultural ethos. Mathew Arnold described art as a “criticism of life”. This view was an extension of Aristotle’s belief that art depends upon the imitation of nature. There was however some other scholars like Oscar Wilde, who believed that life itself imitates art. Both these theories are interesting and vital in understanding the concerns of literature as a work of art in the construction and preservation of culture. At the same time we have to formulate a canon for delineating the cultural concerns of literature. The topic of this research paper is an attempt to draw our attention toward this fundamental issue, that relates the human society to a larger canvass of its designated ideals.</p> Rahul Sharma Copyright (c) 2022 Rahul Sharma 2022-05-28 2022-05-28 48 57 10.24113/ijellh.v10i5.11310