How to Publish a Research Paper

This article will help you to write and publish your research paper. 

Publish a Research Paper

Publishing a research paper/ manuscript in a journal acknowledges you to reach the research world and promote your findings and research. Open access journals are the most commonplace for scholars to publish their research work and reach to maximum audience. This article will help you to write and publish your research paper. 


 It is said "Well began is half done”, like same if you got a good guide you have a better chance to publish a good quality research work. 

Go through the published research papers    

You should read the research papers already been published, current questions and studies in your field. Search online for already published research papers and journal articles so you get better ideas for your paper.

Select a title 

When you select a research paper title, try to collect appropriate knowledge from libraries and the internet. You can conduct your classmates, seniors and guides to prepare your research paper. Choose the journal every journal has its own audience and style of writing. You can decide which journal your research paper can be published in. You can find the options available on the internet or you may ask your friends, colleagues and guide about the most popular journals in your field. 

Choose a topic that interests and challenges you and on which you can conduct proper research. Your attitude towards the topic may well determine the amount of effort and enthusiasm you put into your research. You should also keep in mind, the audience that is going to read your research.   

Prepare your manuscript   

 After you select a topic, gather relevant information by surfing the internet and visiting libraries. You can conduct a survey or talk to your colleagues and guides to prepare your research paper. Note down the important points that you find.

Choose the publication

Every publication has its own audience and tone of writing. You may decide in which kind of journal your research paper would fit better. You can find the options available on the internet or you may ask your friends, colleagues and guide about the most popular journals in your field.

Prepare your manuscript

 After you select the journal, you can prepare your manuscript as per its prescribed guidelines. Most journals have their own submission guideline, go through their guideline and follow the same. For example

The basic structure of the research paper- Please find below the most common/basic structure of a research paper.

Abstract-   A brief summary of a research paper is called an abstract. You can also write why you have selected your area of research, how many problems you have faced and what was your approach. 

Introduction- The purpose of the introduction is to inform the reader about the subject area of your research work and how you got motivated to go through your research work. 

Methodology- It is about the process of the entire research work like how you had conducted your research. A well-defined and precise methodology is the base of a research paper.

Result- Write findings and outcomes of your research work. The best way to explain it is by tables, figures & graphs. 

Discussion Discuss the result of your research work and the implication of your findings.

Conclusion  In the conclusion of a research paper you write a strong concluding paragraph. The conclusion of a research paper needs to summarize the content and purpose of the research work. 

Please find below the steps to help you to write a good conclusion

  1. Communicate the importance of your research work.
  2. Reiterate and sum up your research work.
  3. Summarise your overall arguments or findings.
  4. Suggest the key takeaways from your research work.
  5. Discuss the implications.
  6. Avoid repeating information that you have already discussed.
  7. Avoid starting your conclusion with phrases like “ In conclusion” or “ To conclude.”


Works Cited It is also called a citation list and always comes at the end of the research paper. You should include all of the direct sources that you referred to in the research paperPlease ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). Please find below basic elements of works cited below-1 Author, 2 Title of the source (Book, journal, website, movie etc), 3 Title of container (Chapter of a book, article of journal etc), write it in italic 4 Version, 5 Number, 6 Name of the publisher, 7 Date of publication, 8 Location, Separate above elements by punctuation.

Review your work

After you prepare your manuscript, you should review it to make it more clear and more understandable. It is likely, that you will find a few mistakes before the final submission. Reviewing your work will greatly increase your chances of being published. Try to get feedback from your colleagues.

Submit your paper

Once you are satisfied that your manuscript meets all the requirements, submit it through the proper channel. All the journals have their own process for paper submission. Some allow online submission and some prefer hard copy.

Be Positive

If your paper is rejected, don’t get upset. Keep trying. Study the critics carefully and make the necessary changes. Rewrite your paper and submit it again. Even if you are ultimately rejected by your target publication, continue to re-write and submit it to other publications.