IJELLH International journal of English language, literature in humanities is an open access journal which has been climbing the stepping stools of success year by year. As being an indexed, peer-reviewed and refereed journal, it enables a great platform for various research scholars, teachers, professors, lecturers, students and other individuals to go through various researches time to time all through the globe. With the publication of journals month wise, we are intended to enable a great approach to the research community to put forward their researches amid to the world. We put our great approach in generating high-end knowledge base about the English literature, linguistics and humanity factors to further promote most of the researches in the field of information and education.

We welcome original research articles, surveys and review papers from all over the world that adds to a superior comprehension of English Dialect, English Writing and Humanities.

What We Do:

With a frequency of 12 issues per year we send call for papers every month to all those professionals who are actively engaged in various research practices. At the end of every month, we publish our issue with the selected topics sent from those professionals who are involved in the field of teaching or research activities. Due to being engaged in publishing an international journal for worldwide audiences through online publication, we check each and every outlook to further make it most adored and exceedingly treasured.

Open Access Journal:

IJELLH is an international journal offering their users an open access which they can read, download or can use them as a reference to comply their needs. All the content available at our online journal is allowed to peruse and it can be utilised as a source of perspective in accordance with the BOAI definition of open access.

Peer-Review Journal

The peer-review process is a broadly accepted method for research authentication. The purpose of peer review process is to make sure that the manuscript is of the standard quality. When a Manuscripts is submitted to IJELLH it goes for internal review and if it is fulfilling basic requisite determined by our protocol, it goes for peer reviewed double blind process.

Double Blind Review

In the double-blind review process, author and reviewer do not know each other. In Peer review process two specialist of the same subject (area) accesses research work.Peer review process helps the publishing organization to choose research work for publication, acceptable with improvements/modifications, or rejected. In the peer-reviewed process, the decision to publish a manuscript is the prerogative of a journal editor or the journal’s editorial board.

Research Areas Covered:

IJELLH further covers various aspects of the research field and most of these are mentioned hereafter:

  1. Our Journal of English Language and Literature covers various topics including Language development,Linguists, Phonetics, English language training, English literature, Communication skills, English grammar, Punctuation, Accent, Foreign language education, Criticism, Literary criticism, Literary theory, Composition studies, Philosophy of language, Literacy, Gender or Ethnic studies, Film or media studies, Technical communication, Cultural studies, Critical theory, Disability studies, Area studies and Comparative literature as to enable better edge for the English language sector
  2. Creative writing-This section of IJELLH publishes poetry and short stories.

For a full list of all subjects that come under the scope of IJELLH, please click here.