Sheeba Sardar Ali

Dr VSV Laxmi Ramana

Majmaah University




A teacher of English always faces a challenge to teach the writing skill to the foreign language students especially at the UG level.  As one of the language skills, writing is excelled only when the other three language skills are excelled. It is the combination of process and product.  It involves mastery in grammar and vocabulary to present the message.  It requires self-knowledge to express the thought process.  It is felt a dry exercise, only used to write the exams. Though the students have the knowledge in English finds it difficult to express.  Most of them depend on rote system to get through the examination. If the teacher is asked to teach the students whose English knowledge is absolutely poor at the UG level, it becomes a challenge.  We tried all the traditional methods and modern methods to teach writing here in our university, and found out the reasons for the problem. The reasons may not be new, when we compare with that of Indian university students’.  But the difference is here the students do not feel it as a challenge. In India, students force themselves to learn writing for official purposes. This paper tries to present the methods that have been used to teach the foreign students whose mother tongue is Arabic.

Key word:  Language excellence, teaching the writing skill, teaching methods, problems, solutions,

Academic writing challenges at Universities in Saudi Arabia and solutions