Dr. Anne Angeline Abraham

Associate Professor, Dept. of English

Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara




An important American poet and activist of the twentieth century, Adrienne Rich’s poetry and prose works explore socially relevant and self-probing topics, including feminism and lesbianism. Her essays have become theories of feminist criticism. She criticizes patriarchal domination and celebrates womanhood.

Rich accepts her triply marginalized position of being a woman, a Jew and a lesbian. She examines her life as a woman in a patriarchal society, explores her roots of being a Jew, unlike her father and exercises her lesbianism by writing and living her own life. She overcame her marginalized state by writing about it. She is known as a celebrated poet and an activist who dared to defy the norms and live her life as a woman in her own terms.

Accept & Advocate Womanhood: Adrienne Rich’s Selected Poetry & Prose