A S M Iftekarul Azam

Senior Lecturer

Dept. of English

Port City International University

Chittagong, Bangladesh


Walcott has been a melting pot of ambivalence, hybridity and identity crisis. Walcott’s ambivalence is evident in his themes, choice of language and rhetorical devices etc. His ardent love for Caribbean land, its people and language has been frequently uttered through his emotional voice in his poems. At the same time, he possesses a divided societal position living overseas with appreciation for Western society and love for universal appeal of English language. However, he criticizes the brutality of the colonizers for their imperialistic attitude and torture. This has thrown him into ambivalence of choice and disapproval, acceptance and rejection, and love and hatred. Ambivalence is, thus, ever-present a spectre in his poems as well as in his divided self. The article aims at exploring Walcott’s expression of ambivalence, duality, hybridity and postcolonial dilemma in manifesting identity.


Keywords: Ambivalence, Hybridity, Dilemma, Postcolonial, Divided Self etc.

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Ambivalence in Derek Walcott’s Poetry: A Comparative Study