Aneeta Sebastian

Former FIP Substitute

Postgraduate and Research Department of English

Farook College, Calicut, Kerala



Since the inception of the civilization humans had commenced to imitate or depict nature in their art and literary forms. Many of the cave paintings save the proof for their fascination for the nature and the elements of nature. Nature or environment or ecology even we call it many a names, all of the humanity agrees that it is quintessential for the existence of life in the planet earth. Ecofeminism is the critical movement that propounds the idea that women have an innate connection to ecology. This theory equates the ecology and femininehood in terms of exploitation and degradation of the natural world with the subordination and oppression of women. Arundhathi Roy uses her debut novel The God of Small Things, as a medium to convey her ecological concern. Her female characters are the silent victims of patriarchy like the ever exploited Meenachal River, the pinned up butterflies and the horror striking moths in the fiction.

Keywords: Ecofeminism, Animals, Meenachal River, Entomology, Nature, Ecological,



An   Ecofeminist Reading of Arundhathi Roy’s  The God of Small Things