Bharatender Sheoran

 Research Scholar

 Department of English & Foreign Languages

 Maharshi Dayanand University





Kamala Markandaya is a prominent woman writer and her novels include the element of subjugation that originates from the exploitation due to poverty, caste system and the conflict among values of the people of the East and the West. She has trenchantly presented the issues of women in relation to the environment in her marvelous work Nectar in a Sieve. The manner in which women are sidelined in a male dominated society has been illustrated by her. She identifies nature with the body of a woman and guides the readers to believe that nature, in the same way as woman, is marauded by societies governed by male oriented ideology. In such societies, nature and women, both are treated in an inferior way contrasting the fact that both have an ability to give birth and nourish. This mistreatment has made women conscious of the callousness of the male dominated world towards nature. So, women have come together against this exploitation of nature from time to time as they can relate to nature’s agony.

Keywords: Ecofeminism, Nectar in a Sieve, Subjugation

Analysis of Kamala Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve under the arena of Ecofeminism