Md. Nazmus Saqueb Kathon

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology

Uttara, Dhaka



Needs analysis incorporates all sorts of activities used to collect information about the students’ learning needs, wants, wishes, desires, etc. It is the systematic analysis of all subjective and objective information necessary to define the curriculum processes that satisfy the language learning requirements of students. The information brought together from a needs analysis can be used to define program goals. These goals can then be stated as specific teaching objectives, which in turn will function as the foundation on which to develop lesson plans, materials, tests, assignments and activities. Basically, a needs analysis will help one to clarify the purposes of one’s language program.  The present study aims to explore the necessities and processes of analysing students’ learning needs. A needs analysis can either be very formal, extensive and time consuming, or it can be informal, narrowly focused and quick. The process may involve looking at the expectations and requirements not only of the students but also of other interested parties such as the teachers, administrators, financial supporters, and other people who may be impacted by the program (such as students’ family members or employers). The present study evaluates some of resources for conducting a needs analysis like surveys and questionnaires, test scores, interviews etc.

Keywords: Needs analysis, Importance of needs analysis, Procedures of conducting needs analysis

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Analysis of Student Needs: An Essential Step in Syllabus Design