Rani Shobha Mathur

Research Scholar

IGNOU, New Delhi




This article focuses on the following works of Anita Desai: Clear Light of Day (CLD).  Cry, the Peacock (CP), Fasting, Feasting (FF), Fire on the Mountain (FOM), Where Shall We Go This Summer (WSWGTS). For Shashi Deshpande, the following works have been studied: In the Country of Deceit (ICD) That Long Silence (TLD) and The Dark Holds No Terrors (TDHNT). The effects of repression, silence and anger in a patriarchal society have fashioned women’s characters for centuries. Self-expression and the above all, the expression of anger is a fascinating study towards women’s quest for identity.

Keywords: Anger, women’s voice, identity, alienation, patriarchal, feminism, silence.

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