Dr. Santhi Jose

FDP Substitute, Department of History

 St. Xaviers College







The agriculture sector of Kerala has undergone wide-ranging changes in terms of ownership of land, cropping pattern, cultivation practices, productivity, and intensity of cultivation since her formation. Unlike the other regions in India, the farm front of Kerala is characterised by extreme diversity in its biophysical resource base and agro-climatic endowments providing multiple opportunities for raising a variety of crops. In earlier periods, the choice of cropping pattern was guided by agronomic considerations and consumption needs of farmers; but it seems that mainly market forces determine the emerging trend.[i]

[i] R. Mahesh, ‘Causes and Consequences of Change in Cropping Pattern: A Location Specific Study’, Discussion Paper No.11, Kerala Research Programme on Local Level Development, Centre for   Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, December 1999, p.3.

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Assessing Economic Viability in the Backdrop of Agricultural Sustainability in Kerala