Ms. Sharifa Akter is a Lecturer in Department of English University of Asia Pacific Dhanmondi, Dhaka


O Henry lights us to imagine the unimaginable.O’ Henry earned his popularity not only through his lucid, humorous and ironical narrative style or sentimental themes but the understanding of the reader’s psychological yearning to be surprised or shocked by sensing the reality they did/could not think of. This paper will discuss how with his rare but precious insights into human destiny and human nature, he creates the ‘imaginal’ deconstruction of reality which is just as important as the construction of it. The material reality he sketches through his short stories continuously moves towards the state of equilibrium with imperfections and conflicts. To reveal the real which is no longer real, Henry fantasizes his characters to unmask the unimaginable reality by interpreting and experiencing the meaning of those fantasies. Frued, Lacan and Jung have their own interpretations regarding fantasy (psychology) which is the primary concern of this article to conceptualize the narrative structures of O Henry’s stories. And with this privilege
of psychoanalysis, this essay will unfold the literary universe Henry creates with surprising ends and connect the deeper relation among the themes of his work.

Keywords: Fantasy (psychology), Phantasy, Imagination, Materialism

Read and Download PDF: Behind the surprised endings of O Henry’s short fiction: Fantasy  (Psychology) and O Henry’s material reality