Siambiakmawi & Prof. Sivasish Biswas

Designation: Research Scholar & Supervisor

Affiliation: Department of English, Assam University Diphu Campus,

782460, Karbi Anglong




Mari is an engrossing tale of the WWII years and its aftermath in the Naga hills. A significant point occurred in the year 1944 in the Naga hills that changed the contours of the war completely. The lives of the local folks were completely turned upside down and it was an entirely a new beginning of life as a whole. The protagonist Mari witnesses the horrors of the war and shares her experiences. It is about the journey of her growth from a naïve, simple girl into a matured woman whose life revolved around the war. Mari’s life is made of many constructs; her experiences construct her identity. She had lost herself and her loved ones to the war. Yet when it all gets over, Mari begins her journey of life. First as a young and single parent, she decides to face life on her own. As she moves onto different phases of her journey, she finds herself – the true identity and existence of a woman. She becomes herself.

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Being Mari: Identity and Becoming in Easterine Kire’s Mari.