Ms. Monika Gautam

Assistant Professor

 Amity Institute of Education

Amity University, Lucknow



This is a true story. One day, I decided to clean the area around our garden. I removed the excess climbers of money-plant that had almost covered the entire wall. Later, I told my maid to clean the floor and went away for some work in the market. When I returned, I found that my father was very annoyed. He said that I had done the cleaning in a very careless manner due to which the tiny baby birds in a nest among the leaves of the money- plant had fallen down and were unable to fly up. I went out and saw two very small baby birds lying on the ground. They were barely alive. For me it was such a shocking and disheartening scene. I told my father that I was just not aware that there was a nest among the leaves. Our maid also said that the babies were not there when she had cleaned the area. We realized that due to the cutting of the leaves, the nest was partially dislocated and due to the strong wind that later blew, the birds fell down from the nest.