Md. Jahidul Azad

Senior Lecturer

Department of English

Prime University



Selim Al-Deen with his especial focus on finding the voice of the voiceless through his literary works has portrayed some characters from the remote rural areas and wove some plots in the form of some dramatic presentations to search the subaltern from the society. His efforts have been directed towards the untouched ground by the aristocracy of the literary world and the results are phenomenal advancement of the cause of the marginalized people. His Chaka (The Wheel) is such a work that locates the subaltern in the northern part of Bangladesh with their pains and pangs and the ongoing cycle of life with the monotony and sufferings within and outside. This paper is an attempt to locate the subaltern people presented in the drama and analyse the story as well as the characters form the deconstructionist point of view to bring forth the reality through which those people lead their life. Despite their contribution to the society they are, hardly counted. This view should not be allowed to continue for long. The study thus also aims at suggesting some steps indirectly to improve their condition.

Key Words: Subaltern, Inferior, Domination, Class-Struggle, Identity Crisis

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Breaking Silence of Centuries: A Deconstructionist Approach to the Representation of the Subaltern in Al-Deen’s The Wheel