Wahida Firdous

Research scholar

Department of English

Aligarh Muslim University



Feminist movement focuses not only on the position and equal rights of women in the society but their interest has been diverted to the microcosmic level for providing justice to each section of women in the society. In 1960s during the second wave of feminism, the intersection of racial and gender inequality as experienced by the black women was overlooked by the western feminists. Therefore, Black feminism emerged along its own path. The main motive of black feminism was to eradicate racism, sexism and class oppression. My paper will analyse the aspects of racial and gender inequality in dealing with Toni Morrison’s famous novel The Bluest Eye  and it will further highlight the demonization of the entire race against the most delicate and vulnerable member of a society, a female child. The whole society is responsible for making her lose self-esteem and it also inculcates a desire in her to have “blue eyes” or an identity which is not her own.

Keywords: Race, Gender, Female marginalization.

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Colour, Race and Identity: Reading the Double Standards and Manipulation of the Western Feminism in The Bluest Eye