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K .Narayan, completely Indian in his opinion, focuses on the varieties of life and the sensible irony. His interest in the Indian sensibility results in his revealing the characteristics of life and his characters. He describes domestic issues and complications through his comic vision with very serious problems and his characters are impressionable to comic treatment. Raju, the central character, has been released from prison, but irony is that the role of swami is bestows on him. Raju’s confession exposes the history and personality of the man behind the unlikely mask of holiness. Raju falls in love with Rosie. Raju selects to fast and changes into an altruistic swami and achieves wisdom, maturity and spiritual rebirth. Raju stands for the absurdity of human existence and describes that everything is accidental-fame, power and money. Raju efforts, even at the cost of his life, his end and life are a mystery. Raju’s tragedy thus, becomes a comedy of sadness, as his death is a potential tragedy. Narayan perfectly combines the tragic and the sublime and increases humour, irony of character, situation and motive, and through eccentric characters. The novel reveals the characteristics of Indian characters and to emphasize the comedy of sadness in the mysterious life of a man

Key Words: Variety, Sensible, Irony, Comic, Mystery, Comedy, Sadness, Tragedy.


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Comedy of Sadness In The Mysterious Life Of Raju In The Guide