Dr. Zeinolabedin Framarzi

Assistant Professor,

Department of Theology

Faculty of Humanities, Gonbad Kavous University




Modernism is the parcel and product of life in a new era which is dramatically different from previous times since this new era has been witnessing dramatic changes in all aspects namely  social relations, economy, science, technology, art, literature. One of its manifestations in literature is modern poetry which breaks from traditional poetry linguistically, grammatically, and thematically. Poets in the Middle East have also embraced this new movement and mirrored its new techniques in their poetry. However, the works of these poets were analyzed separately. Accordingly, this article attempts to redress this scholarly neglect. Thus it seeks to compare and contrast two norm-breaking poets from the Middle East: Adonis and Shamloo thematically, grammatically, and linguistically.

Key Words: Adonis, Shamloo, Modern Poetry, Norm-breaking.

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