Shantanu Siuli

Ph. D Research Scholar

Seacom Skills University

Birbhum, West Bengal



Projection of Keats’ imaginative faculty with the very concept of the hymns of eros is not only a difficult task but really a bewildering aspect to measure his philosophical and introspective pillars of his mind. The poetry of Keats is characterized by sensual imagery, most notably in the series of odes. Keats’ skilful delineation of hymns of eros is magnified by his subtle touch and sensibilities of his power of sensuousness; i.e. intensification of physical beauty with the notion of natural pleasures and beauties. Indeed he was a man for whom the physical world exists. His craftsmanship was genius and concrete, moving not so steadily in the world of abstract thoughts. Critics who regarded him as the creator and lover of sensuous beauty are opposed by those who treated him as a highly philosophical poet. A strong sense of eroticism has been found within an underlying status of his mind encompassing by the strong projection of his love life. Efforts to synthesize his idea do not carry any conviction at all. And all can be objectified clearly is the shift from the romantic egocentricity to objectivity. The rapidness of his progress is almost without the parallel in the history of the arts. Combination of retardations and perturbations forces him to the culminating point of the world of English literature of England.


sensual imagery, intensification of physical beauty, sense of eroticism, romantic egocentricity.

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Concepts of the hymns of eros: A critical survey of Keats’ imaginative faculty with special references to “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”, “Lamia” and “The Eve of St. Agnes”