Dr. Bhumika Agrawal

Assistant Professor

Dept.of Humanities

Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology




 Mahesh Dattani in most of his plays befittingly mingles the past with the present. Dattani, smoothly and inadvertently infuses the elements of past into the modern themes to give appealing sense to the plays ‘Final Solutions’, ‘Do the Needful’ and the movie ‘Morning Raga’. The movie ‘Morning Raga’ is a perfect example of the confluence of past and the present. The present paper analyses various incidents, situations, characters, settings and even technical aspects used by the dramatist to connect the past and the present, traditional and the modern, rural and urban setting. The elements of past and present are inseparable in the works of Dattani. The paper envisages that inspite of being contradictory, past and present cannot be isolated from each other. On the other hand, their perfect and balanced combination is an essential aspect for a bright future. The paper appreciates Dattani for moralizing the readers to accept, adopt  and adjust themselves with the modernity, youths and contemporary situations without clinging to past too tightly.

Keywords: Morning raga, Carnatic music, self-guilt, flashback

Confluence of Past and Present in Mahesh Dattani’s ‘Morning Raga’: