Dr. Manisha Shah

Associate Professor

Arts & Commerce College

Unjha (Gujarat)



In the present era of globalization and multiculturalism, contemporary literary scenario has been transformed as the texts have crossed the borders of nation and culture. Culture links a human being with the community and the community with the nation. To examine the issue of national or cultural identity of a Postcolonial immigrant in West is in a way a process to strip away the traditional conventional concept of culture and to view it from a globalized perspective. The diaspora writers deal with the lives of immigrants, who are in minority in the host nation hence considered subaltern. Each nation has its unique culture and tradition:  on one hand the immigrants have to succumb to the traditions of the culture of the host nation and on the other as they are rooted in the home land they try to preserve certain practices and traditions of the homeland culture. It is quite necessary to understand the concept of ‘cultural hybridity’ from Postcolonial perspective to embrace the concept of national identity of diasporic people.

Cultural Hybridity: A Postcolonial Concept