Dr. Geeta S. Shetty

Associate Professor

St. Xavier’s Institute of Education

40-A, New Marine Lines

Churchgate, Mumbai




The primary aim of education is to create citizens of the future who would be change agents not just in their immediate contexts but also in the global context. Every learner today needs to be equipped with skills and competences that are globally viable and potent. It then becomes the responsibility of educational institutions to develop such global competencies in young learners. However the basic problem encountered herein is the lack of understanding of what would constitute global competencies. There have been several attempts to define global competencies and these definitions include significant aspects of the concept. There needs to be a comprehensive understanding of the concept that is grounded in research and survey and that fits into every era of society irrespective of the context. The understanding of the concept would help educationists frame concrete policies to incorporate it in the curriculum of schools and also of teacher education. The paper attempts to analyze Hunter’s Model of global competence that is a result of research conducted on the same. The Model endeavours to give a comprehensive picture of the concept. In this paper I have tried to decode the model in order to understand its intricacies and interconnections. It is the totality of the model that educates us on global competencies.

Decoding The Global Competence Model