Dr. S.B.  Sharma

Assistant  Professor (English)

Govt. College, Amargarh

Dist. Sangrur (Pb.)




The paper attempts to highlight the long – pitched unequal fight between the two schools of thought-the conservative male class and the modern female class. It puts forth the hard fact that the macrocosm of the conservative patriarchy with its tools of subordination, suppression and marginalization is hell bent upon to crush and dwarf the microcosm of the modern progressive  young  women aspiring to have  their own personal space and identities . The ages-old ideologies and perceptions of the rural and rustic folks provides no breathing space to the modern convent educated girls who fell ghettoed and suffocated before the stiffing and regressive parameters of this society and finally get trapped in a dead end alley of no easy escape .the author is of the view that instead of having direct encounter with the ruthless system, they should equip themselves with the possible tools of diplomatic manipulations and strategic machinations, which will enable them not only to face the trials and  tribulations of this hegemonic setup with confidence and conviction but to ascend the ladder of social hierarchy as well.

Terms– Hierarchy, hegemony, patriarchy, microcosm, macrocosm.

Dilemma of Being At Threshold: A Study of Women Conciousness In Literary Milieu