Jumana P

Research Scholar under Dr. K P Sudha

Department of English

Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur.

University of calicut

Kerala, India


In  this  paper  I make  an  attempt  to  analyze  the  dimensions  of  female  sexuality with  reference  to  the Malayalam film  Thoovanathumpikal directed  by  Pathmarajan. This  paper  explores  how a woman  sexualizes  her  body  and  how a  woman’s body  is  being  sexualized  by  others  for  their  desire  satisfaction. It  revolves  around  the  character  of  Clara, a young  beautiful  woman  who  hails  from  coastal  fishermen  community.  She lives with her alcoholic father  and  torturing  step mother.  To  be free from the  difficulties  of  her  present  life, she  decides  to  make  use  of  her  ‘body’ which  is  her  ‘self’. She never   thinks about her body  and   bodily  process negatively .  In  the  film  she  appears  thrice  and  each  of  her  appearance  provokes  the  spectators. She celebrates her ‘womanhood’ through her body. At  the  same  time  she  is  being sexualized  with  a  lustful  image.   Her  face,  her  lips, her  eyes, her nose  are  imaged  as  an  ‘item  to  be  sexualized’ for  male  gaze.  Clara  embodies  a  set  of  images  of  female  desirability  – a sexualized  images  which  emphasizes physical  strength  and  stature.  She is figured as romantic interest for  the  hero. She herself satisfies her  desire  by  celebrating  her  ‘body’. The male gaze towards female body  is  explored. The  three  appearance  of  Clara  adds  the  three  stages  of  male  sexual  gaze towards  her.  Even  if  she  gets  tired  of  her  ‘body’,  she  celebrates  it  with  the  politicization  of  her  body. In  this  film ,  the  image  of  Clara  is  to  be  compensated  for  the   figure  of  an  active  heroine by emphasizing  her  sexuality  and  her  availability  within   feminine  terms.

Key words : Female body ,Male gaze , Sexualisation , Malayalam Cinema

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Dimensions of Female Sexuality: A Re-Reading Of The Film Thoovanathumpikal