Bharatender Sheoran

Research Scholar

 Department of English & Foreign Languages

 Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak




The God of Small Things, which Arundhati Roy took four years to write, took the world by storm and received unparalleled praise from reviewers and readers. Being a contemporary writer, it is interesting to observe Roy’s skeptical approach towards traditional values and practices many of which encourage social inequality. Her literary work is known to make the readers contemplate about the pitiable situation of the downtrodden especially women. The projects in the name of development in postcolonial societies affect people and more specifically women. This effect needs to be studied from an ecofeminist viewpoint. The issues related to nature in The God of Small Things provide a basis to study the connections between subjugated human beings and nature. However the novel is mostly taken as a repertoire of environment related issues but there are instances which substantiate the ecofeminist theory.

Keywords: Ecofeminist, Inequality, Environment

Discourses of Ecofeminism in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things