Dr. Neelam Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor

S.C.D. Govt. College




Abstract:  Don DeLillo’s White Noise has been a post- modernist  work  and  as  such it  reveals  the hectic  life  of  the  commercialized  America. The mechanism  has entered the  social  life so  deeply  that  no  one  is free  from  its  effect  which  is leading  life towards nothing. The novel White Noise is based on the use of modern technology and the novelist has pointed out a very important aspect in this regard that it is both useful and dangerous.This modern mechanism has been employed in three ways -the television as the source of information and entertainment; the toxic event; and the Dylar episode and its disastrous consequences. Not only  in America  but even  in other countries  of the world,  television is  being  used very  widely This has been  presented through  the atmosphere  in  Jack’s family  and  its influence  on the life  and thought  of the elders  and the society. The present paper highlights the novelist’s attempt in revealing the dangerous influence of the careless use of the scientific inventions and technology.

Key Words: Technology, Media, Scientific Invention, Television, Dylar, Toxic Event.

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