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Doris Lessing is the supremely gifted and probably the greatest modernist fiction writer. She is so diverse and enigmatic a writer that the critics over six decades have failed to make a full estimate of her works, which are so passionate and multi-layered that these critics estimate and re-estimate these, works again and again. She was born of British parents at Kermanshah in Persia in 1919, where her father worked as a banker. Her father became disillusioned with his work as banker and had the family to move to a farm in Southern Rhodesia hoping to get rich by farming. This proved a very bad move for the family, as the plan failed; but at the same time, it proved a good move for Doris Lessing who was a chap of six then. Rhodesian adventure had a great store in future for her novels as well as, for the author herself. She joined the Dominican Convent High School, a Roman Catholic Convent all-girls School at Salisbury. According to her own account, she was a rather introverted, imaginative and neurotic child and so she left the school at the age of 13 and was self-educated from then on. Then she left home at 15 and worked as a nurse-maid. There she took to reading the material that her employer gave her on politics and sociology she began writing around this time within her family, we can rightly say, Doris was a “rebel in residence”. It may be guessed that she had not a happy childhood because of her parents’ financial and psychological struggles. After leaving her job as a nurse-maid, she returned to the farm, where she wrote two novels but thinking them to be too bad, she destroyed them. Returning back Salisbury she began to work as a telephone operator. At Salisbury, she socialized a lot and made a good many friends. Almost all the activities of this period are portrayed in one of her early novels, in which Martha Quest portrays Doris Lessing. It can be safely said that Doris Lessing was developed and formed, physically, as well as, mentally by Africa. Soon she married to Frank Wisdom, who became her first husband with Frank Wisdom, she had two children’s, John and Jean but this marriage ended soon in 1943.

Keywords: Modern fiction, narrative, bitter memories, feminism .

Doris Lissing’s Brief Life Sketch and Her Wanderings – In Relation to Her Themes and Concerns