Bharatender Sheoran

 Research Scholar

 Department of English & Foreign Languages

 Maharshi Dayanand University





The eminent novel of Kamala Markandaya, The Coffer Dams (1969) once again engages with the East-West theme. It deals with the encounter of diverse cultures and the menace of industrialization leading to oppression of nature and the underprivileged members of society primarily woman. The novel very aptly portrays the theme that the process of industrialization leading to deterioration of environment is consequent to man’s hegemonic attitude of exploiting nature and natural resources for the accomplishment of his economic goals. Hence, Coffer Dams is a manifestation of the approach of the British society that mimics culture whereas the subjugated class of the tribal people symbolizes nature in being more allied with the natural environment.

Keywords: Industrialization, Environment, Oppression

Ecofeminism: A Contemporary Approach perpetuated in The Coffer Dams