Mrs. A. Amutha

M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. (Ph.D)

Assistant Professor of English

Christ The King Engineering College,

Karamadai – 641 104.

Coimbatore (District).

Approved by (AICTE) & Affiliated to Anna University





Content based language instruction can support English as second language (ESL) students to achieve enhanced learning and teaching outcomes. Content-Based Instruction (CBI) has been found to be an effective approach to teach English as a second language because with CBI, students can develop their language skills as well as gain access to new concepts through meaningful content. In order to help students to acquire the cognitive academic language proficiency necessary for college level work, college English instructors are now expected to have an appreciated competency of developing or implementing content-based materials and programs. All teachers who work with language-minority students must play a part in helping their students to gain the linguistic ability, content knowledge and academic skills necessary to succeed in their life. The purpose of this paper is to brief out the effectiveness of using content-based language instruction in the ESL classrooms. By applying the content-based instruction teaching technique, students can acquire English abilities, not only to communicate, but also to use as a tool to comprehend the subject matter. The paper also covers several issues to be considered in the application of CBI such as assessment of language and content and the use of CBI in the ESL classroom.

Key words: CBI, enhanced learning, ESL classroom, comprehend, assessment