Tarjani Dakshesh Sheth

Teaching Assistant, ASH Department

C.G.P.I.T. Uka Tarsadiya University



  English language fluency among graduates is becoming an important competence that they need for employment. The industry has noted the deteriorating level of English among Indian graduates, thus there is a need of strategies and policies to be implemented. English has been an integral part of Indian curriculum for decades and it plays a major role in finding job placements in renowned organizations. Institution and government are accepting that in global perspective, importance of English cannot be ignored. In today’s scenario, increasing importance of English language communication skills as a crucial, vital element in deciding ones employability quotient cannot be overstated. It is high time  English teachers prepared themselves to play the role of a trainer or facilitator who can build real competencies and skills to bridge the skill gap by focusing on integrated, multi-skill development of the learners, along with enhancement of English Language skills. English being the most dominant, global language of communication, the present paper attempts to draw attention to the ominous need of transformation in the way an English teacher at professional colleges perceive his role in reference  to  widening employability crises.  The aim of this paper is to gauge the present scenario of the industry, role and importance of English in it, and the need for an English teacher to sustain his student’s technical talent as well as compete with the world holding two weapons-field related skills and English.

Keywords: Importance of language, English, employability, soft skill, communication skill, teacher’s role

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