Khalid HamednallaAlbadawi

English Language Department

College of Arts & Education – Tarabah Branch

Taif University

Taif, Saudi Arabia


This paper concerns with improving listening skill in the  Sudan universities  through the intensive listening activities.In Sudan, teaching listening skill isn’t an easy task,especially when there are many factors that impede the learning process such as: lack of suitable materials for teaching listening skill, Shortage of qualified teachers with good pronunciation, and lack of innovative methods for teaching listening skills. Two groups were selected for investigation. Two instruments for data collection and statistical analysis were used to gain results. These instruments are test and questionnair.Reliability and validity were used to achieve consistent answers.These findings proved that listening skill problems can be solved via intensive listening activities.Also this study proves that Students who use listening activities in learning English language are better than those who do not.

Keywords:acquisition, interaction, Audi-aids.

Enhancing EFL learners’ listening skill through intensivelistening activities