Dr. Ljubica Topuzoska

University Evro Balkan, Skopje, R. Macedonia


Professor Dr. Ivan Bimbilovski

University St. Paul the Apostle, Ohrid, R.Macedonia





In light of the current global migration crisis, refugees moving to their desired destination carry specific ethical concerns, inherited by their cultural values in the countries of origin. This paper provides illustrations and recommendations regarding specific care provision as well as ethical research methods provided towards these populations, considering their vulnerability as a consequence of the displacement. The qualitative and ethnographic methods implemented demonstrate how to conduct culturally sensitive service provision as well as surveys by implementing specific ethical approach in order to preserve autonomy, ensure confidentiality and build trust among the vulnerable individuals on the move. The paper, in general, examines the ethical issues which emerge in refugee-related research and locates the research enterprise within the broader socio-political context.

Keywords: refugees, ethics, care, assistance