Ayana Benjamin

University of Kerala, MA in English Language and Literature

Aberystwyth University, MA in Creative writing


To Turgenev,Hamlet is “scepticism personified” while Chesterton says, “The tragedy of Hamlet is that he is very much too good a philosopher to be a sceptic.”Gavin Hopps, while discussing Byron’s Don Juan refers to “Horatio’s sceptical rationalism and Hamlet’s openness to that which exceeds it”. There are conflicts between science or reason and faith, and struggles between religion and existentialism in Hamlet. Ash Tekinay studies the growth of Hamlet in terms of the threefold stages of life described by Soren Kierkegaad. Hamlet and Horatio were students at the University of Wittenberg which was the centre of Protestant Reformation. John. E Curran points out that the soliloquys and key exchanges in Hamlet show a clash between Catholic and Protestant perspectives.

My research paper tries to understand the contribution of the conflicts between faith and scepticism generated by tradition, religion, confidence, new scientific ideas, reformation and self-doubts in the tragedy of Hamlet.

Keywords:Hamlet,Scepticism, Providence, Insanity, Renaissance, Regicide

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Faith and scepticism in Hamlet