FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Q.  What is ISSN?

Ans.  ISSN stands for International Standard Serial Number.

Q.  I want to publish my article. Where can I get the information about the procedure?

Ans. You can read the Author’s guidelines carefully and send/ submit your research paper in MS-Word file to ijellh@gmail.com.

Note- Please do not send research paper in PDF format .

Q.  Should I send author’s bio, abstract and body of the article in three different attachments ?

Ans. You can send it in  one attachment or in three attachments . 

Q.  When can I ask the status of my submission?

Ans.Normally, it takes 07-15 days for review process. We acknowledge submission within 24 hours. We communicate with author after receiving review report.

Q.  What is the deadline for the next issue?

Ans:  It is 21st of every month. 

Q.  Why was my article rejected?

Ans.  If your paper is not sent according to the guideline of IJELLH.

Q.  What is the procedure of accepting or rejecting the submission?

Ans: Research paper is rejected because of technical and editorial reasons.

Q. Is it an open access  journal?

Ans:Yes IJELLH is an open access e-journal where in you can read and download articles  free of cost.

Q.  Will you send me print copy of the journal to my postal address?

Ans:  Although IJELLH is an e-journal but we send  the print version of journal on requirement by author. Please go to APC page.

Q. Last date of submitting manuscript is 21st if I will send my manuscript after  21st then my manuscript will get  published in same month?

Ans: No, the last date of submitting manuscript is 21st   this does not mean that your manuscript will get published in same month, it means if it is accepted it will get published in  next month issue.

Q. What is the word limit for the article or research paper?

Ans. The research paper should ideally range between 2000 – 5000 words included an abstract not exceeding 150-200 words and references.But in some cases,we accept the paper by charging  extra publication charge.

Q.  How many poems can I submit at a time?

Ans: As mentioned on the submission page, you can submit 3 poems at a time.

Q.  How can I join the editorial team? What is the procedure?

Ans:  Send your CV to editor@ijellh.com. If our board members approve your name, you might be selected in our team according to our requirement.

Q.  Is it an Indexed Journal?

Ans. Yes, IJELLH  is indexed with GOOGLE SCHOLAR, CITE FACTOR and J-GATE.