Barkha Rathore

 Ph.D. Scholar, Barkatullah University





Manju Kapur addresses many issues that are related to the middle-class women. She emphasises on feminism in her novels. All the female characters of Manju Kapur are seen as women struggling against patriarchy for self-identity. This is clearly seen in the struggle of her women characters, their susceptibility, search for identity, bold attitude, the female psyche and the female world. The present paper studies female bonding in Kapur’s Difficult Daughters and A Married Woman. The novels depict both the submissive and rebellious women and explore their bonding with their mother, siblings, friends and other relatives.  It also explains the psyche of the urban, educated middle-class women who are trapped between tradition and modernity. Kapur’s novels portray new women who try to unshackle themselves through education and employment and counterfeit new relationships. It is an attempt to study Kapur’s women characters, as portrayed by her in her novels, with a view to understanding their close bonds under the impact of the conflicting influence of tradition and modernity.

Keywords:  female bond, relationship, lesbianism, new women, identity.

Female Bonding in Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters and A Married Woman