S. Farhad

Research Scholar (Ph.D.)

Asst.Professor Sri Mittapalli College Of Engineering


Guide: Dr. Rajashaekhar Pateti Acharya Nagarjuna University




The paper pinpoints the revelation, evolution and development of the Black Women under the impact of slavery and modern day United States. Words became the rudimentary factor of expression to the Black women and they found the genre of autobiography more powerful. They made this genre a conscious identity for their social, political and economical.  Hence the Afro- American autobigraphy in this paper tries to reveal it as a constructed, constituted and formed of the specific practices and discourses of a specific people and their response to their time and place. Black women’s autobiographies seem torn between exhibitionism and secrecy, between self-display and self-concealment.

Key words: slave writing, autobiography, exploitation, oppression, search for identity and expression

From Oppression To Expression: Evolution Of Black Women Autobiographical Writing In The White Territory